Allison Engine

Allison Engine Lease and Sales

IPT owns a fleet of rental 501-KB5 and 501-KH “Cheng Cycle” gas turbines. These engines are available for short and/or long term lease as well as being available for purchase. IPT’s lease terms consist of a one time Administrative Fee, an Hourly Charge per turbine fired hour, and a Daily Charge. IPT’s lease pricing is very competitive and IPT guarantees that it will beat any written offer to lease and engine from any Authorized Maintenance Center (AMC), worldwide. IPT’s Engine Lease services include:

  • 501-KB, 501-KB5, and 501-KH leasing
  • On-ste installation and removal field service assistance
  • transportation anywhere in the world
  • competitive lease rates – guaranteed

Allison KH5

Allison KB5S