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Sunkist Growers, Inc. (1984 to 2009)

Ontario, California

Plant Description – IPT Cheng Cycle – The 2 unit, 11.2 MW facility was planned and developed by International Power Technology (IPT). The plant, consisting of two 5.6 MW Cheng Cycle systems, began operating in early 1985. Steam from the plant is used for evaporation and for production of citrus concentrate in the Sunkist Growers plant. Although the citrus plant processes fruit year-round, steam loads vary significantly from season to season and range from nearly zero to a maximum of 80,000 lbs/hr during peak production. The cogeneration plant also supplies the electrical needs for Sunkist, which range from 3.5 to 6.8 MW. In addition, 5.5 MW of electricity is sold to the local utility on a firm basis.

Ebasco Services was the project engineer and constructor. Both cogeneration units use an Allison 501-KH gas turbine modified for Cheng Cycle operation, a Deltak boiler and a Bailey Network 90 control system.

Sunkist ceased operations at their facility in 2007. The cogeneration plant continued to provide power to Southern California Edison until 2009, at which time the plant was decommissioned.

IPT Services Provided: The facility was designed, developed, owned, and operated by International Power Technology (IPT). The plant was decommissioned in 2009 and was subsequently purchased by IPT.