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Soledad Cogeneration

Soledad, California

Plant Description – Currently decommissioned, the cogeneration plant was located at California’s Correctional Training Facility (CTF) in Soledad, California and provided steam and electricity to the facility.

The 2200 kW plant was powered by two turbocharged and intercooled 12 cylinder gas engines. The two Waukesha model L7042 engines utilized natural gas as the primary fuel. Domestic hot water was provided via heat exchangers in the Waukesha intercooler/lube oil systems. Low pressure (15 psig) steam was produced in the engines’ ebullient jacket cooling system. Two Riley Beaird heat recovery boilers captured thermal energy from the exhaust of each engine-generator to produced 120 psig steam. The cogeneration plant provided 80% of the 6000 lb/hr base steam load. Auxiliary boilers supplemented the cogen units to satisfy the CTF’s maximum steam demand of 45,000 lb/hr.

The cogeneration plant was designed by Dewante and Stonewell and constructed by Amos and Andrews. The units started up in late 1985. CTF staff operate the facility.

IPT Services Provided: International Power Technology (IPT) was contracted in 1991 to take over management of all aspects of the cogeneration facility. IPT’s initial task was to plan, schedule, and implement the plant’s complete rehabilitation and overhaul. Engines, steam generators, controls, and instruments have been reconditioned with the objective of restoring optimal thermodynamic and economic performance. The plant resumed operation in late 1991. IPT provided operations, maintenance and management support for the facility up to its decommissioning in late 1996.