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Hershey Chocolate Company Western Plant (1985 to 2012)

Oakdale, California

Plant Description – Cheng Cycle -The 5.6 MW 501-KH Cheng Cycle cogeneration facility at Hershey’s Western Plant began operation in February of 1987. Engineering services were provided by Gibbs & Hill, Inc. The cogeneration system incorporates an Allison 501KH gas turbine modified for Cheng Cycle operation, an ABCO boiler, and a Bailey Network 90 control system.

Hershey was the owner and operator of the plant. During construction and startup, International Power Technology (IPT) provided design and controls engineering and training of Hershey operating personnel.

IPT Services Provided: Project development, design, and engineering were provided by IPT. IPT provides engine service, overhaul, controls support, and general maintenance to the facility.

Steam and electricity produced by the plant were used in chocolate processing. The plant steam load fluctuated daily and seasonally. The cogeneration unit filled most of the plant’s steam demand with a packaged boiler helping to meet a maximum steam demand of 50,000 lbs/hr. Hershey ceased operations at this location in 2008 and the facility and cogeneration plant were purchased by Sconza Candies.