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Frito-Lay, Inc (1986 to present)

Kern County, California

Plant Description – IPT Cheng Cycle – The Frito-Lay factory in Kern County, California produces corn and potato snack products. A 5.6 MW Cheng Cycle cogeneration unit installed at the site began operation in March 1986 and provides steam and electricity for snack production. Seasonal changes and production schedules cause wide steam load swings from 5000-55,000 lbs/hr, while electricity requirements range from 4000 to 6000 kW. Surplus capacity is sold to PG&E under a long term contract.

Bechtel Corporation was project engineer and constructor. The cogeneration system incorporates an Allison 501 gas turbine modified for Cheng Cycle operation, an ABCO boiler and a Bailey Network 90 control system.

IPT Services Provided: Project development, design, engineering, were provided by IPT. The plant is currently operational with over 230,000 hours of operation. During construction and startup, International Power Technology (IPT) provided design and controls engineering and training of Frito-Lay operating personnel. Currently, IPT serves Frito-Lay with engine service, engine overhaul, controls and other types of engineering and technical support on a routine basis.